keum-boo sample

keum-boo sample
light to dark - dark to light

This is a sample that I created for the keum-boo class I am teaching at Monterey Peninsula College. It has inspired all sorts of variations and could become a new “line” given enough time.

The keum-boo techniques offers so many graphic possibilities… I want to try them ALL!

Students were very enthusiastic and inspired after the first class… it will be interesing to see what they come up with by the end of the second (and final) day.

Photo taken with my newest DSLR. I love it! but have lots to learn yet. So many choices and not easy to remember which ones are the “best” ones to make in any given situation.

2 thoughts on “keum-boo sample

  1. Sadie Cuming April 24, 2010 / 9:29 am

    Wonderful class Carol … I learned so much and was soooo inspired! Hope I can make it to one of your classes again in the not too distant future. I forgot what an incredibly inspiring and giving teacher you are!

  2. Carol Holaday April 24, 2010 / 6:18 pm

    Hi Sadie,
    Thank you for the kind words. I felt it was a successful class filled with creative and focused students….. the best!
    Have you made any finished pieces with the techniques learned in class? If so, I’d love to see them. The photos I made of student’s samples and projects leave a lot to be desired. Guess it is time for me to bring my better camera to class. Do you mind if I post the sample piece you made with the leaf punch? Very beautiful despite being slightly out of focus.

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