A New Version

As of a couple of days ago, I have a newly designed website. Same site address… www.carolholaday.com  …. with a totally new look. This is thanks mostly to the fact that I had major issues with the DreamWeaver software I used to create and work on my “old” site and NO help from Adobe for fixing it, so I gave up and started over with a Website Builder from GoDaddy.com. Much easier to use for the purpose than DreamWeaver, and with great customer support when needed. Not sure yet how much I’ll include on this new version of my old site, just know that it will be scaled down and simplified quite a lot.

To begin with, the purpose of the site is to show my work in something like a personal on-line gallery. Some of what is shown will be for sale, so eventually I’ll need to work out an easy way to do that without actually having a “shopping site”.

I’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions if you care to have a look at the “new” site and leave your comments on the “contact” page.

The cuff bracelet below was made from the texture plate I originally created for roll printing my fern photo onto silver for various jewelry designs. I used it a few times and then decided to make a cuff of the etched plate itself. This brass cuff is strong and comfortable and is now available for purchase using PayPal.

Carol Holaday - Fern Cuff

2 thoughts on “A New Version

  1. rgkk4@aol.com March 13, 2017 / 6:28 am

    Looks very nice but on my computer under ‘shop’ the picture of the ring on the left is partially cut off Gail

  2. Carol Holaday March 13, 2017 / 7:21 am

    Thanks for the proofing and input Gail. Since it doesn’t crop the left ring on my computer, not sure what to fix so it works on yours. I’ll need to study this some more. Maybe just put two across for now. C.

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