Electro Etching PDF

This is an experiment to test if I can attach a PDF or a link to a PDF.  


It appears to work.

Note: These are not my instructions. They are from Nona Boatright. Freely shared as far as I can tell. My metal arts students and I are experimenting with several methods of electro etching using salt water. Batteries work but have drawbacks. One student owns a rectifier but hasn’t had success with it yet.

Next I will attempt to share PDFs that I have converted from PowerPoint presentations I created for class. These image packed files are much too large to share as email attachments. If this works, I can then Pin to Pinterest to have an easy way to share what we learn and our results.

Image Guidelines for submitting photos to MBMAG

This is a test to see if I can upload and attach PDFs.

As a member of the Monterey Metal Arts Guild (MBMAG) who is participating in the upcoming exhibit at the Pacific Grove Art Center, it is my job to collect photos from the other participating members and then pass these on to the persons in charge of publicity and postcard design.

The Photo Guidelines and instructions for how to insure images meet these guidelines are specifically for MBMAG members who are already signed up to participate. Click on live links below to open PDFs.

Photo Guidelines v-7-17

How to check file size of photos

Digital images for publication in print

link to page on Guild site for more information related to photography


The photo I took of Dorothy Rick’s silver cuff bracelet is an example of an image that meets the required guidelines for print media.

Dorothy Rick's Cuff Bracelet
Dorothy Rick – Plan C

“A Gilded Heart”


Created for a Valentine show titled “Made with Love” being exhibited at Many Hands Gallery in Capitola, California.

Not sure why all the details I wrote about  the “A Gilded Heart” necklace with pendant didn’t show up, or why the digital postcard for the exhibit got lost, but here it is again. All info for the show included in case you would like to attend the artists reception or visit the show while it is up.