I am busy creating a new web site, complete with a store and a shopping cart. It is up and running, so please check it out and leave comments or ask questions using the contact link found in the navigation bar. Lots to learn yet, and much inventory to be added as I work on it… so it is definitely a work in progress

Studio With a View

The studio pictured above was new a couple of years ago. It was formally a large, empty shed at the bottom of the back yard that I built my studio within. This view of it is from the kitchen window and includes the Monterey Bay in the background.

This is the workbench where much of the designing and making happens. It is just one corner of the room and there are numerous other areas where additional processes take place. I’ll share a more extensive studio tour later.

New Photo Set-up

I purchaced this lighting kit after a friend shared it on Facebook. I’ve been searching for a system that would work with my iPhone for quick product shots for the new website shop. Kit includes two 16” soft boxes, two sturdy tripods, and two daylight balanced bulbs. All fits perfectly on the multi-purpose table in my jewelry studio. Best of all, under $50!

In addition to the lighting kit, the set-up also includes these items purchased separately: a GorillaPod flexible tripod, a clamp for the phone… each with a ball head… and a bluetooth shutter release.

Photographing on white and on black

I photographed the recently created “Bird” cuff on a white background and on a black glass background as a test to see what works best for the piece. Both seem OK to my eye… just very different. The black is dramatic, the white seems more contemporary.  If I were to list this in my Etsy shop, I might also photograph it with some props from the garden. A leafy branch or two for instance. Plus I need a photo that shows the out-side of the ends as an alternate view.

The brass sheet was originally photo etched to use as a plate for roll printing onto silver, however, I decided it would work better used directly for jewelry. I am now wearing the cuff to see how the polished surface might change over time. The dark background is a heat patina that developed naturally when I annealed the metal for forming.

bird cuff photo etched
Bird cuff 1

Bird Cuff - Carol Holaday
Bird cuff 1 on black